Years ago, we started The Belgray Bombers travel baseball and softball program. It was built on philosophies to help mainstream our youth to an organization that would foster all encompassing development. We have worked hard to create a credo that assimilates this development for all ages & socio-economic backgrounds: “To provide a developmental atmosphere for all youth levels fostering physical, mental, emotional, & educational improvement; To provide the same atmosphere regardless of socio-economic status”. We strive to promote humanitarian efforts, education & sportsmanship. We feel that it’s of the utmost importance in our culture. Athletics are a vehicle for self improvement & development. Winning & losing is a process and our youth will learn how to win with grace and lose with pride. You can ask any of our devoted coaches if I question them about the wins & losses they have in a season, the coaches would tell you that they have never been asked about the wins & losses of their team. With all of that being said, we do strive to have competitive teams that can compete at high levels.

Humanitarian Efforts – We ask all teams/players to devote time to community development. All of our teams are required to do community service which promotes an effort to helping others in the community. This is a vital component of our program. It’s necessary that children see what can be accomplished for the greater good when we all work together. It also helps them rectify in those developing brains that EVERYONE is living under a myriad of circumstances. If you are present at our practices, tournaments & group gatherings you will hear coaches asking our athletes, “What have you done to help another human being this week?” This question is the foundation to our culture. It allows our youth to think about the decisions they are making daily and striving to be better humans. Together we are stronger and ready to accomplish anything.

Education – Our educators are the “warriors” on the front lines everyday helping enhance the development of all our children. We have the utmost respect for our educators/ mentors and would like to recognize them for all the exhausting days put forth. They are the main component in helping our youth flourish. We are proud to announce that our 14u Baseball team has carried a high honor roll team average for the past three years. This is an incredible accomplishment. We are very proud of the Curry 14u baseball team for outstanding academic achievement. Together we are stronger and ready to accomplish anything.

Coaching – Our coaching staff believes that education is the key to success. Each coach addresses education within their own team.

Scholarship Program – The scholarship program is the backbone of our organization and directly correlates to our Belgray Bombers. The fundraising activities help us provide a huge number of scholarships each year. Scholarships for underprivileged families remains a major focus for our organization. It is our goal to be able to provide scholarships to ALL players/families that don’t have the economic means and want to be part of the organization. We will continue our best efforts to make sure no players/families are left behind. With the help of everyone in the community we can accomplish this together. Together we are stronger and ready to accomplish anything.

Collaboration – We have made great strides in the travel community. We have a vision that all travel programs can work together for a common purpose to develop our youth. We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with other travel groups. This is a huge stride in the travel community. I’m proud to be on the forefront of creating an inclusive travel atmosphere for our community & extended communities. In the end, this about developing our youth as whole. We can’t do everything alone. Together we are stronger and ready to accomplish anything.