The backbone philosophy of the Belgray Bombers organization is humanity & education. Baseball and Softball are a byproduct of what we are trying to achieve as an organization. The sport creates the “vehicle” so that we can “drive” and instill our philosophies in our youth athletes. As parents, mentors & coaches it should be our sole purpose to instill the core values so that when these kids are no longer in our presence they can flourish in any community or situation. It only makes sense to recognize the educators on the forefront of shaping our youth. There were a number of things taken into consideration before awarding our educators. These educators/mentors/coaches exemplify attributes, characteristics and leadership qualities that help shape the young minds within our communities. Each of our awardees have an exhausting lists of accolades and awards; All of which would be too extensive to list. Moving forward we will be awarding our educators from different districts each and every month. Our first newsletter starts with the Maine Endwell School District (as this is the birthplace of The Belgray Bombers Organization) and Susquehanna Valley School District. Each teacher will be awarded $250 by the Belgray Bombers to use at their discretion within the classroom.